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altQuestioning skills is the most frequently asked about in EFT training.

It is a very skilled area and Marie developed this ebook for a comprehensive reference throughout your training and practice of Questioning Techniques, Expanding Questioning Techniques, Listening skills, different styles and types of questions and when/why to use them.

Additionally a list of 100 top tapping Questions to help you get started. At only 6.95 euro an invaluable and comprehensive reference guide.


altAnimal Energy World Techniques is a fully illustrated ebook with Maries own photographs documenting her work with animals using EFT over 4 years.

Inluding illustartions of dogs, cats, horses and even insects and wildlife with tapping.

This ebook is to encourage everyone who can tap and has that basic knowledge to try this with their own animal companions and even wildlife. At only 6.95 euro a great investment.

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