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You are welcome to download Marie's free resources here.

The CASTaway Technique.

This is a very powerful technique which can be used for yourself and with clients. Marie developed this many years ago and it includes some other points and has benefits that can be experienced if a client has mini reversal switches whist tapping. Incorporates Collar Bone, Arm point, Sore Point and Thymus. Download here


The Energy Exchange Photograph Techniques

These techniques were presented by Marie at EFT Masterclass, UK in 2007. They involve photographs offering multi use. Tapping can be done on the actaul photograph, on the person looking at the photograph or a combination. Additionally several photos can be introduced for example of comparisons such as ' good health/bad health', ' smoking/non smoking' etc It often produces dramatic effects quickly due to the introduction of visuals and is good for dis- association. Images, X Rays etc can be used. Download here There is a comprehensive podcast transcript here. Marie can send the pod cast by email if anyone needs it. 


Palace of Possibilities Limiting Beliefs Handout.

This is a useful resource for Trainers and Practitioners. Trainers are welcome to use this in conjunction with the accompanying Palace of Possibilities Handout below for their training session.

Additionally Practitioners may wish to use this for clients. This handout is a simple sheet where a person writes down a list of any limiting beliefs around their Palace of Possibility Affirmation. The limiting beliefs can be eliminated with EFT.

Download Limiting Beliefs Handout here


Palace of Possibilities Affirmation Handout.

This accompanies the Limiting Beliefs Handout above. The two handouts work in conjunction with each other. Affirmation statements are used here and written on this sheet as to the desired positive affirmation outcome. If any limiting beliefs or 'tailenders' come up they can be written down on the POP limiting beliefs sheet to eliminate by tapping.

Download POP Affirmation Handout here


Surrogate Tapping Aid Download for Animal Companions.

This is a simple guide with a step by step process to using surrogate tapping for your animal companions. Many people want to use tapping for their pets but are very unnsure what to do. This download could be easily adapted for humans.

Surrogate work could be used along with the Energy Exchange Photo Techniques download above.

Download this Surrogate Tapping Aid for Animals here


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