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February-March 2017 Master Trainer Course. This extensive Master Trainer Course is starting during February and runs through to March. New enquiries for next course please contact me here.

Venue: Murcia region, Spain


May 9th 2017 Foundational Level 1 Course.This one day course of 6 hours is a basic foundational introduction to EFT and has pre course study of 6 hours

Venue: West Yorkshire, UK

May 10th & 11th 2017 is a two day Level 2 Practitioner Course (can be combined with Level 1 above)

Venue: West Yorkshire,UK

May 13th/14th 2017 Animal Energy World Conference This two day event has 12 International Speakers sharing energy techniques including EFT, communication, trauma, behaviour etc in animals. 12 CPDS. Venue: Ilkley, West Yorkshire

May 16th 2017 EFT and Animals. One day workshop offering an introduction to EFT and Animals with introduction to EFT(half day - no knowledge needed) and introduction to using EFT with animals (half day) 6CPDS

Venue: West Yorkshire, UK


June 27th 2017 Foundational Level 1 (inluding Pre Course Study 12 hours )

Venue: Murcia region, Spain


June 28th & 29th 2017 Practitioner Level 2 is a two day course working towards Practitioner status ( Foundational Level is Pre requisite)

Venue: Murcia region, Spain

You can take either Foundational Level 1 on the one day course with Pre Course Study as a total of 12 hours  or if you have this Level you can attend the two day Level 2 course

All Courses are accredited and include training manuals and lunch, refreshments and Certificates of Attendance.

October 10th & 11th 2017 Level 3 Advanced Practitioner two day course, taking your EFT to the perfect 'Art of Delivery' and learning new skills, knowledge and expertise.

Venue: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Please contact me here for further details.

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