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AAMET International requirements for Post Course Practitioner Level 2

On succesful completion of the courses Level 1 & 2 studying towards Practitioner status,

the following is required Post Course which I have on this full download of payments and stages as Stage 2:

 AAMET Administration forms issued for CPDs, Supervision and Practice hours

 Post Course study

Course self & trainer assessment of Competencies L1 & 2


Assignment  Assessment & feedback

 Assessments of 4 x Case studies (one may be a self-study session)

 6 hours Supervision with your trainer

 Total of 50 practice hours with at least 20 individuals with sessions of 45 minutes (or longer)

 Evaluation, feedback and assessment of one ‘live’ EFT session either in person or video.

 Follow up and discussion of this ‘live’ session with trainer.

Full cost of Post Training Criteria Fee: £350.00 This can be paid in stages or in full when the student is ready.

Online Multi Choice Exam through AAMET website at minimum fee payable to AAMET

Certification on full and successful completion of all above.

Please feel free to Contact me here for any enquiry.

L2 Post Course Full Payment or 2 Stages