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Official Mentoring with EFT International Master Trainer of Trainers

Marie has many years extensive experience of Mentoring with Practitioners and Trainers all over the world. As an official approved Mentor with EFT International (formerly AAMET), she understands the importance of professional mentoring through all stages of your practice. 

Her expertise is available to guide and support you on a one to one basis, group mentoring or a combination.She also offers 'catch up' sessions or one off sessions if you need to make your mentoring time up. This is via Skype normally or Zoom. There is more information on Marie's mentoring download brochure here.

EFTi require 6 hours annually as a minimum mentoring and that group sizes are 8 maximum.These sessions  can be done either on individual One to One sessions with Marie or via Group Sessions.

Group Sessions via Skype

Pay for Skype Group Fees either one group session of 90 minutes (or catch up) or annual mentoring of 6 hours group Skype.


Individual One to One Sessions via Skype

One session or Annual

You may prefer a combination 6 hours and this may be your option of:

  •  2 x Individual One to One sessions (90 mins each) and
  •  2 x Group sessions (90 mins each)

If you have any queries, concerns or problems about your supervision then please contact me here and you can download a mentoring brochure with full information here.