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Meet Your Trainer

Marie Holliday is an EFT International (EFTi)Master Trainer of Trainers. She loves teaching EFT and loves working with EFTi(ex AAMET) as she believes the association offers professionalism to all who are members. She teaches worldwide to Master Trainer status and her previous background as a Qualified Trainer of Trainers & with several companies in the UK with the Chamber of Commerce, Kirklees Government Worktain and a private company CMS Training limited gave her a solid,professional background in this area.

She additionally undertook AAMET's , rigorous training and exams to upgrade from Trainer of Trainers to Master Trainer of Trainers. Always interested in training, she was Co - Director of AAMET Training Board ( pre EFTi) and on the Executive Board in a voluntary capacity for 6 years. Maries passion for EFT, the association, mentoring and training make an incredible wealth of skills, knowledge, experience and training tips she would love to share with you .Her course testimonials provide the perfect combination of being friendly yet professional and she always maintains that learning is Fun.

Marie lives in Spain with her partner and dogs in the stunning region of Murcia and her introduction to EFT is well documented now and was quite dramatic. About 12 years ago she had a double brain haemorrhage following a small accident at home. Following a week in hospital in intensive care she was left with severe and debilitating symptoms of constant nausea and extreme dizziness.The medical world could only offer limited help of medication and she had lost her confidence and couldn't manage employment even a few hours a week. She was introduced to a hypnotherapist who mentioned EFT and gave her a small tapping chart. With brief and basic instructions of what to do, she diligently set about tapping and using appropriate tapping basic phrases. Incredibly, within two days she had recovered .She very quickly regained her confidence  and was soon back in employment and had a life again.

Since then she trained under the original Gary Craig training program and then with AAMET International (current EFTi) whom she believes is the best professional EFT association worldwide.

She has been helping clients both in person and via Skype and teaching students EFT for all those years and still finds it the most empowering technique having worked extensively with serious illness.

She is an approved EFTi Mentor so can guide and support you through your training at all levels offering the required annual Mentoring.

Additionally she teaches EFT using it with our animal companions and wildlife and hosts an annual Animal Energy World Conference to showcase energy techniques with animals.

This is not part of the EFTi syllabus and is purely Maries own interest with energy work and animals.

Marie additionally has a World Energy Conference hosting many international speakers & delegates showcasing energy techniques, research, healing and cutting edge presentations from some of the finest in the world. More information here.